Enfrijoladas, Mexican recipe

The recipe for enfrijoladas is one of my favorite dishes of Mexican gastronomy.

For me, nothing surpasses the charm of bean salsita by bathing corn tortillas prepared in the style of enchiladas.

In addition to delicious, enfrijoladas are a very filling dish. The most common are prepared with chorizo, cheese or chicken. Some people even make versions with roasted beef or scrambled eggs, but always with beans (obviously).

Recipe of enfrijoladas

Keep in mind that to prepare this recipe you are going to need a good amount of corn tortillas. I recommend preparing them in advance, according to our recipe.

You will also need cooked beans in advance. You can simply cook them your way, or prepare some good pot beans. In any case, keep a little of the broth for the recipe of the enfrijoladas.

enfrijoladas recipe

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 enfrijoladas recipe
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Mexican Enfrijoladas

Learn how to prepare, step by step, an easy recipe of the traditional Mexican enfrijoladas.From the start, we will chop the piece of onion into wheels, and then we will separate the inner circles into rings. We will reserve this for the decoration of our plate.
  • Then, we will separate 1/5 of the Fresh cheese and we will reserve it for the end. If you're not in Mexico and you do not have local fresh cheese on hand, you can replace it with feta cheese.
  • In the case of chilies, we will make sure they are clean. We will remove the remains of the branch, if they still have them and optionally, we will remove the seeds. Then, we will heat a bowl of water and submerge the peppers for a few minutes, to rehydrate them.
  • Now, we will prepare a salsita with the beans. As our beans are already cooked, what we will do is process them in a blender. For this, we will mix them with their stock and peppers.
  • We are going to liquefy the sauce until obtaining a homogeneous texture. If it is very thick or creamy, we will add more liquid.
  • After liquefying it, we will try the sauce and if necessary, add a little touch of salt, cumin and pepper, to improve the seasoning. This is relative because we are totally dependent on how the beans were cooked.
  • When the sauce is ready, we will place it in a pot and keep it hot. You have to make sure that the bean sauce does not get dehydrated so that it stays liquid enough.
  • Then, heat a pan with a little butter or oil, to fry the tortillas. We will do this quickly.
  • When the tortillas are fried, we will immerse them quickly in the beans .
  • Then, fill them with cheese and fold them in half (there are they prefer to "roll them up" instead of folding them.
  • For each course, you can serve two , three or more enfrijoladas.If you think it is necessary, or depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can bathe them with more bean sauce.
  • Usually, enchiladas are covered with wheels or onion rings, shredded or shredded fresh cheese and some strands of fresh cream.
  • Serves inm ediatamente.
  • If you wish, you can season your enfrijoladas with a red sauce or green sauce.

    The enfrijoladas work perfectly to accompany a good cut of meat. You can also leave them as the center of the dish, and serve them with a refreshing salad, with roasted chiles or simply alone.

    Tips for preparing the enfrijoladas

    • If you love the Coriander flavor, you can finely chop some fresh coriander leaves and sprinkle them over the enfrijoladas.
    • If you want to prepare the chicken enfrijoladas, cook a breast in water with salt and bay leaf for 15 minutes. Then, undo it with the help of two forks and use it as a filling, instead of 400 grams of the cheese (it only conserves 100 grams for the decoration).
    • You can cook one or two pieces of chorizo ​​and undo or cut them in wheels to use as a filler.In a creative and greedy moment, you can use both chicken and chorizo.
    • Some people use cheese attached to decorate the plate, instead of fresh cheese. In the case of filling, there are those who prefer to use Manchego cheese.