Mexican pipian recipe

In principle, to speak of pipián is to speak of a sauce made from seeds or "pepitas". The most common is the pipián prepared with pumpkin seeds, but there are many variants of the recipe, such as sesame pipián or walnut pipián.

The pipian recipe is well known in Mexican cuisine , and is not far from the green mole, although pipián can be prepared in different colors: green, red or orange. But this dish is not exclusive to that type of cuisine. It is also prepared in other places in Latin America. For example, there is the Colombian pipián.

In short, we could define the pipián as a type of mole.

How to make homemade pipián, step by step

This pre-Hispanic sauce has a large amount of ingredients, but its preparation is much simpler than it seems.

Normally, when serving it is accompanied with some protein such as chicken, turkey (turkey), pork, Beef, or sometimes just with vegetables and white rice or red rice. At some points in Latin America, accompany the preparation of tamales.

recipe from pipian

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 pipian recipe
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Pipián, easy recipe

Cooking recipe to prepare, step by step, one of the most popular types of mole in Mexico: the pipián.If you prefer, instead of passing them through boiled water, you can roast them or toast them lightly. Reserve.
  • Then lightly grease a comal, griddle or frying pan, and toast the seeds, grains or nuts: sesame, pumpkin seeds, peanuts. It is better to toast each type separately because they will not be ready with the same speed. Not to abuse with the intensity of the fire, and you have to monitor and remove them constantly, because the idea is only to brown, not to blacken. The latter would make them bitter and could damage the result of the recipe.
  • Once peanuts, sesame seeds and toasted pumpkin seeds, add the cloves and pass them by a good kitchen robot or mill, to crush them. You can also do this with a traditional Mexican metate. Reserve.
  • You can use the same griddle, griddle or pan to roast the tomato, already washed, the half onion and the cloves of garlic, already peeled. If necessary, lightly grease the surface again.
  • Heat the chicken broth in a large saucepan, add the ingredients you just roasted, the chiles, the mixture of crushed ingredients, and let them cook for 10 minutes. You can add a touch of cinnamon (optional). Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Once the cooking time has passed, it passes the sauce by the blender, only what is necessary so that it becomes pasty and smooth. If you want it more liquid, you can add a little extra chicken broth or hot water. Then, liquefy again. For a more compact sauce, let it cook a little longer in the pot, uncovered.
  • Try the pipián and if necessary, correct the seasoning with more salt or pepper. Make sure it's still hot enough, and that's it. The pipian is ready to be served with the protein of your choice.
  • Tips for preparing the pipian

    • For a truly homemade pipian, prepare your own chicken broth. For a vegetarian pipian, use vegetable broth.
    • Some people add some drops of anise to their preparation. Do the same if you like this kind of flavor.
    • For a stronger pepper flavor, instead of using ground pepper, you can use some peppercorns and mix them with the toasted ingredients and the cloves. , when crushing them.

    Mexican pipian recipe

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