Recipe for beef stew, step by step

La birria is one of the richest dishes of Mexican cuisine. Although this dish is delicious when prepared with lamb, goat or mutton, today we are going to prepare another delicious option: the recipe for beef birria.

I recommend having good tortillas on hand corn so that when we finish preparing the birria, you can make a taquitos with this delicious dish, originally from Jalisco.

Birria de res, homemade recipe

When choosing meat for this recipe of birria, we will take care that it still has bones and a little fat, to give taste and texture to the preparation. The ideal is that once cut into medium pieces, to leave it ready to be cooked.

 birria de res recipe

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recipe for beef birria
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Beef Birria step by step

Learn how to prepare the homemade recipe of a beef birria, as rich as you can get in the best birrierías.First of all, we are going to peel garlic cloves for use in this preparation.
  • We will also peel the onion and chop half in some irregular pieces, in order to facilitate the work of the blender. For now, we will reserve the other half.
  • Next, we will add the cloves of garlic and the pieces of onion to a blender, to process them with the vinegar, a little touch of salt, half a spoon of cumin powder and half of pepper powder.
  • We will liquify everything until we get a paste.
  • As we have said before, the ideal is that the meat to prepare the birria still has some bone and fat, and that it is cut into medium pieces. If it's not cut yet, this is the right time to do it. Then, we will put the pieces in a pot, well mixed with the pasta or marinade that we have just liquefied.
  • Let the meat rest with the paste for half an hour.
  • Meanwhile, we can use it to boil some water. Simultaneously clean and unveil the chiles. Then, we will remove the water from the fire and submerge the peppers for a few minutes.
  • Later , we will pass the peppers to the blender to process them with the caldillo, a couple of teaspoons of oregano, a touch of salt and another of pepper.
  • Add this preparation to the pan with the meat and heat it to let it cook for 4 hours, over low heat. The goal is to soften the meat until it is almost gone.
  • At once, we will use to chop the other half of the onion very finely, in small cubes.
  • In the case of cilantro, we will wash it well. To disinfect it, I also soak it in water with a splash of vinegar. After draining it, we will finally chop the leaves.
  • We will reserve both cilantro and onion in the refrigerator, to be used when serving the birria.
  • Past time of cooking, we can serve the beef birria with its broth, hot, or drain the meat and make some taquitos with corn tortillas. In either case, sprinkle with chopped cilantro and onion.
  • Tips for the preparation of the birria

    • To intensify the flavor of certain ingredients, you can quickly cook them on a hot pan or griddle, before using them for this recipe. These ingredients are: cumin powder, oregano, cloves and pepper. Be very careful to make it on low heat and not to burn or blacken.
    • Some recipes incorporate a little beer into the sauce to cook the meat. The result is delicious.
    • If you do not have tomato sauce, you can replace it with tomato in pieces.
    • Accompany your birria with a good red sauce or a green sauce, and some lemons chopped into quarters.