Recipe of gringas al pastor

The recipe for gringas has nothing to gringa, but probably already knew that, unless you're not Mexican.

However, this dish is among the palate of lovers of flour tortillas wheat. According to my calculations, that ranking is headed by gringas and burritos.

As we started with the examples of food and recipes, I was already hungry. So we go directly to explain how this kind of taco or quesadilla is prepared, with its wheat tortillas stuffed with cheese and meat with the shepherd.

The recipe of Mexican gringas

For prepare this recipe for gringas we will use the same meat that is prepared for the tacos al pastor.

mexican gringas al pastor

 gringas mexicanas al pastor
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How to make gringas al pastor, Mexican recipe

It's true that there are versions of the gringas with chicken, with beef and other ingredients, but the original and typical gringas of the taquerías are the ones that we are going to prepare today: gringas al pastor.The pork must be already clean and defatted.
  • Then we will take care of the chilies. We will wash them well and open them to remove the seeds and the vein.
  • The following It will heat a sufficient amount of water to hydrate the peppers. When it is boiling, we will turn it off and then submerge it in the liquid. It is also worth heating the water in the microwave, but make sure it is very hot before submerging the peppers.
  • We will wait eight minutes for time for the chiles to hydrate. Meanwhile we can peel garlic cloves, just like onions. We will chop the latter in four or three pieces.
  • Then, we will need a good robot kitchen or a blender. There we will place the pieces of onion, the garlic, the chilies drained of the hot water and all the other ingredients to prepare the meat to the shepherd, with the exception of the pork meat and the oil or lard.
  • We will process or liquefy everything, until we obtain a kind of sauce.
  • Then we will pass this sauce or adobo to a container, with enough space to also contain the meat. We will submerge the pieces of meat so that they are well impregnated with this sauce. Cover the bowl and let the meat sit in the refrigerator for several hours. If we can leave it marinating all night, so much the better.
  • As it is difficult for us to have a spin for a shepherd at home, we will cook the meat with a griddle, griddle or large pan. We greased lightly with a little oil or butter, heat over high heat and quickly cook the pieces of pork (with their sauce) taking care not to overlap, so they are cooked evenly. Let's let them cook on one side, and then turn them over. When the meat is already cut, it will not need much cooking time.
  • Finally , we will remove the meat to the shepherd from the heat and we will reserve it.
  • In the case of cheese, we need to be grated or chopped.
  • Armed gringas

    1. If for some reason we do not have the pineapple cut into pieces, we will peel it, cut it into wheels, remove the center and chop the rest of the pulp into pieces, until the cup indicated in the list is completed of ingredients.
    2. In the case of c ilantro, we will wash it well and disinfect it.Preferably, we will grease it lightly.
    3. We will take an omelette and cover it with cheese and some meat to the shepherd. Cover with another tortilla and repeat the process in pairs, until you use all the flour tortillas.
    4. Place a gringa on the comal or equivalent, and cook on both sides, so that the tortillas brown a little and the cheese is melted inside.
    5. Regarding the pineapple, you can arrange the pieces inside each gringa, or serve them in accompaniment so that everyone can add them as they prefer.
    6. Serve immediately, accompanying with onion and cilantro pieces, so that everyone can prepare their gringa as you like. Ideally, chop each gringa in two or four equal parts.

    At the moment of serving the gringas, It is also recommended to accompany them with lemons cut into quarters or eighths, so that each diner can season to taste, and of course, a good red sauce or a green sauce. Of course, you can serve them with both.

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    Bon appetit.